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It's an innocent love that ties ourselves, maybe it's useless, but we are here, counting the stars, thanks to the complicity of the notes deeply hidden in our soul


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I'm really sorry to announce that, due to the new European law on data protection (known as GDPR), I'm forced to close the forum because of he lack of the necessary resources (in terms of time) necessary to adapt the site from a technical and bureaucratic point of view.

Fact is that during the latest years, due to work and family, I can't find time to renew and carry on PoesiaMasini. I always hope to find one day the resources necessary to develop the ideas I have in mind for this site, which would also need technical and technological adaptations to be suitable for modern web, supporting new devices that didn't event exist when PoesiaMasini was born, or that were not suitable for rich content site browsing.

I would like to say thank you to all of those who, with affection and althuogh I was absent and many other places (Facebook for instance) were born to give the oportunity to talk about Marco, still have continued to share ideas and emotions here with passion. It's to them in particular that I'm saying "see you soon".

PoesiaMasini will remain on-line without its forum, just like a "zombie", to prove however that it was shining in its years and that one day it may come back to life.


Tozzi Masini: the album born of the collaboration between Umberto Tozzi and Marco Masini.

Il giardino delle api: Marco Masini's second-last album, available in music stores in Italy an northern Europe. It includes the song that Marco sang at Sanremo Festival 2005, Nel mondo dei sogni, in a double version (original and unplugged, in duet with Jessica Morlacchi), as well as the singles Il giardino delle api, Libera, Tutto quello che ho di te, Rimani così and Maledetta amica mia plus other five new songs.

Latest update of contents: 08/02/2009 (details)

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Upcoming dates: 28/01/2014
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To Marco: (offline)

Niente d'importante: the new album by Marco Masini being released on 27th September 2011, containing twelve new songs and anticipated by the single.

Un palco lungo... 20 anni!: the new live by Marco Masini being released on 23rd November 2010, containing the recording of the concert held on 14th May 2009 at the Nelson Mandela Forum in Florence, in a box with two CDs and one DVD.

L'Italia... e altre storie: the new album by Marco Masini to be released on 20th February 2009, containing ten new songs, including L'Italia, performed at Sanremo Festival 2009.

23/01/2008 - Marco the ugly duckling On Friday February, 8th 2008, Marco's new tour starts, an absolutely new show entitled The ugly duckling. This new tour is made of a series of dates that are not just concerts, but real shows where Marco will sing (in an unplugged style, accompanied by only three musicians: Riccardo Cherubini, Fabrizio Palermo and Massimiliano Agati), but will also speak, talk and chat with the public: a mixed of drama and canzone, very intimist. You can read the official press release by clicking here (Italian language).

02/09/2005 - New single for Il giardino delle api Since September, 2nd 2005 a new single extracted from the album Il giardino delle api can be listened to thanks to Italian radios: it's Tutto quello che ho di te. Meanwhile, Marco's latest album has been published in Italy, Switzerland and Germany.

16/04/2005 - Marco Masini "in the land of dreams" The single of Nel mondo dei sogni, introduced at Sanremo Festival 2005 by Marco and classified third in "Men" category, has been available in all music stores since March, 4th, while its unplugged version (sung by Marco in duet with Jessica Morlacchi) is on Italian radio playlists.

20/01/2003 - Marco's story during the years 2000-2003 Here is a brief "summary" of what happened from 2000 to 2003, the darkest years of his career. If you are not updated, this may be interesting for you. (in Italian only, by now)

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  • updated section Marco on the Internet: the links to the sites that no longer exist have been removed (or archived), while many links to the sites of other artists and musicians that collaborate (or collaborated in the past) with Marco in the past have been added, as well as that to the new partner site MasiniFansite
  • updated section PoesiaMasini Forum Center: in particular, the links to four new forums dedicated to Marco have been added



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