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This thing walks alone, without much interest, without a lump in its throat, without any big bet

Site history

Chronology of the most important events which marked this website life:

  • 12th April 2000: PoesiaMasini - Il Sito più Banale was born: the only sections "Marco Masini" (now Biography), "Forum" (now PoesiaMasini Forum Center), Mailing list, "Links" (now Marco on the Internet) and Credits are on-line; moreover the whole site is composed by some pages created by using Word 2000 and partially modified by hand; the official website address is www.poesiamasini.cjb.net (still working)
  • 27th April 2000: the first comments appear on the website, distinguishing PoesiaMasini style
  • 4th May 2000: the first comment about a song is published: Ali di cera
  • 13th June 2000: the forum is moved to the service offered by Delphi Forums and starts to be quite visited
  • 26th June 2000: a new section "Dates" (now Upcoming dates) is added; from this moment on, PoesiaMasini starts becoming a reference point also concerning Marco Masini's current activity
  • 27th June 2000: PoesiaMasini obtains the first recognition by Marco: two autographs with dedications to people visiting the website, that was also already known by Marco
  • 31st July 2000: PoesiaMasini undergoes its first technical restyling, in which it is re-written completely from the beginning in HTML and JavaScript written by hand.

  • 17th April 2001: PoesiaMasini becomes witness of the sad announcement in which Marco declares to retire from his own career as singer and songwriter, because of the unbearable situation created on his relationships with the public opinion and his record company (BMG Ricordi)
  • 23rd June 2001: PoesiaMasini has grown up very quickly and it is necessary to move from the original free webspace offered by Tiscali (20 MB) to a bigger one (offered by InWind, still free of charge); moreover the mailing list is moved from ListBot to eGroups, because the first has shut down
  • 1st September 2001: PoesiaMasini is the first Internet website offering the possibility to see and download the covers of Uomini single; during the same period, some very rarely recordings are also published, such as Marco's performance on Mia Martini's Gli uomini non cambiano during Celentano's show in May 2001, the duet with Lucio Dalla in Latin lover in 1995 and his performance on Invano Fossati's La mia banda suona il Rock (at Un disco per l'estate in 2000)
  • 1st October 2001: PoesiaMasini obtains his first actual domain, www.poesiamasini.it; from this moment on, new interactive functions can be developed, not depending on third parties services; at the same time, free webspaces are no longer used

  • 18th February 2002: Andrea Amati, singer and songwriter from Brescia who loves Marco's music, suggests in PoesiaMasini forum the idea-porposal to write down a song to thank Marco for the emotions he gave us during the years
  • 19th May 2002: the project A song for Marco is started and strongly promoted by PoesiaMasini, thanks to a page completely dedicated to it
  • 11th May 2002: Marco's new summer tour starts silently and surprisingly and PoesiaMasini is the only source of information widespreading exhaustively the dates of the tour, becoming a reference point to the public; a cooperation with Rockol/MusicaItaliana.com and Radio Italia - Solo Musica Italiana is also started, in order to widespread the dates of the concerts and, sometimes, of Masini Family national meetings
  • 15th May 2002: PoesiaMasini has become an important reality in Internet at this point and it probabily makes somebody envious: following SIAE's request, all Marco's songs preview clips (no more then thirty seconds), all the rare recordings and all the MIDI files have to be removed from the website, because of the impossibility to support all the expenses necessary to mantain such material on-line as free of charge
  • 14th July 2002: the forum (daily visited by dozens people) is moved to a system managed and mantained directly on the webserver, allowing a complete control on messages and on users and giving new possibilities towards future applications tied to the exclusive subscription to "PoesiaMasini Forum Center"
  • 18th September 2002: the project A song for Marco finishes, giving to Marco (for his thirty-eighth birthday) a CD financed and created by more then fifty people; the project also receives an echo from some source of informations, such as musical websites and radios
  • 4th October 2002: PoesiaMasini obtains a distinguishing mark from Fiorella Felisatti of Radio Italia - Solo Musica Italiana, for the cooperation in widespreading information related to Marco Masini's artistic activity; Fiorella thanks this site during Speciale spettacoli, while PoesiaMasini is also mentioned in many occasions as the reference website for Marco Masini's dates

  • 4th February 2003: together with LeggendeMetropolitane.net, PoesiaMasini publishes an article summing up all the events that made Marco Masini decide to retire
  • 8th April 2003: the mailing list is integrated in the forum management system, allowing users to have only one subscription for both services and giving full control over them
  • 24th April 2003: a second not advertised summer tour starts and once again PoesiaMasini is the only exhaustive and reliable source of information concerning the concert dates
  • 8th October 2003: Marco Masini comes back to the Italian discographical scene and PoesiaMasini gives the preview news together with the official website and MAMADUE Records (Marco's record label) and MBO Music (his new record company) websites
  • 10th October 2003: following the critical situation of Marco's new song (Generation) in radio broadcasting, the initiative Operation radio/TV is strongly promoted, to forward to Marco's whole audience the possibility to request in a very fast and efficent way the new song in the most important Italian radios; the initiative contributes to the insertion of the track in RTL 102.5, Lattemiele, Rete All Music and Kiss Kiss Network playlists, as well as to the publication of some information about Marco Masini on MTV website

  • 2nd-6th March 2004: Marco Masini takes part to and wins Sanremo Festival 2004; in this occasion, PoesiaMasini is very helpful in collectiong votes among the public for his song, L'uomo volante, thanks to the great promotional efforts, to the detailed explaination of the voting rules and to the thousands visits collected in few days; its contribute is publicly recognized by RadioUno Rai soon after the proclamation of Marco Masini as the festival winner; at the same time, the website goes under a technological restyling and announces, always together with Marco's official websites, the imminent pubblication of the single L'uomo volante and of the record Masini
  • 5th March 2004: the album Masini, a new edition of .. il mio cammino including the song that won at Sanremo festival and E ti amo, the summer single, is released; among the credits of the record there are also thanks to the “friends of Poesia Masini”
  • 11th August 2004: the magazine TV Sorrisi e Canzoni talks about Marco Masini and PoesiaMasini, with special reference to the initiative A song for Marco
  • 19th November 2004: the friendly collaboration with Marco Masini production goes on and gets consolidated, so that PoesiaMasini becomes one the favourite communication and feedback channel with the public; the release of the first DVD by Marco, Masini live 2004, is announced by publishing some preview images

  • 1st-5th March 2005: Marco takes part again to Sanremo Festival 2005 with the song Nel mondo dei sogni and comes third in his own category ("Men"); while PoesiaMasini has stopped the updates of its contents, the news communication activity and the forum discussions proceed feverishly; the release of the single of the song presented at Sanremo Festival is announced
  • 23rd March 2005: the same night in which the final mastering of the new album Il giardino delle api is finished, Marco leaves a message in the PoesiaMasini Forum Center to “touch glasses” with all of us
  • 28th March 2005: during a meeting in Florence in which the new album Il giardino delle api is previewed together with Marco, the new Marco Masini Official Fan Club is founded, with Serena Stamilla as president; PoesiaMasini immediately becomes one of the main channels of promotion and communication of the new fan club; two days after, Marco leaves another message in the PoesiaMasini Forum Center to say thanks to those present and to those that coulnd't come with much to their regret
  • 10th June 2005: the album Il giardino delle api is released and among the credits there are thanks to the “friends of Poesia Masini” once again

  • 24th November 2006: the exclusive album Tozzi Masini, born from the collaboration between Umbero Tozzi and Marco Masini, is released; the announcing is coordinated between the official sites of the two artists and PoesiaMasini, and the URL www.poesiamasini.it appears below the credits of the record beside www.umbertotozzi.com and www.marcomasini.it

  • 19th February 2007: the Marco Masini Official Fan Club changes its statute and gets renewed; Jérémy Caire as the new president, Marina Faiella as the vice-president, Serena Stamilla as the secretary, Mauro Molinari and Stefano Lamberini as the two councillors; therefore, the collaboration between PoesiaMasini and the fan club strengthens

  • 27th October 2008: PoesiaMasini shares the sorrow for the death of Mario Ragni, who also loved this site and all of us that come here daily

  • 5th January 2009: the development of the contents of the site restarts, a few weeks before the new Marco Masini's participation to Sanremo Festival 2009 with the song L'Italia

And PoesiaMasini - Il Sito più Banale's adventure goes on...

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