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But I am a friend of a train that passes hereby and always takes to me the sea scent

Mailing list

If you want to be kept informed about site updates, you can subscribe to PoesiaMasini Newsletter: in this way, you'll receive a notification e-mail every time the site has been modified and updated.

Particularly, updates to Charts, To Marco and Diary sections are excluded, but you'll be immediately notified about new dates with Marco that we learn (see Upcoming dates section).

Please note that messages to this mailing list are sent in Italian language only!

How to subscribe to the mailing list

To subscribe to PoesiaMasini Newsletter, you need to register to the PoesiaMasini Forum Center and, when you compile the registration form, you have to set the option "Subscribe to mailing list?" to "Yes". Otherwise, if you are already registered, you simply need to edit your profile so that the same option is enabled.

Registration to both services (forum and mailing list) is absolutely free and not mandatory: you can stop to partecipate in the forum and/or to receive e-mails from the mailing list at any time. The only information you are needed to enter consists of a valid e-mail address, a user name and a password at your choice. Moreover, the e-mail address is not visible to other forum members, to preserve your privacy.

In any case, you can find the mailing list control panel at the following address:


Inside you'll find, among the others, the following functions:

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Newsletter archive

For the curious and for historical reasons, the archive of all the e-mails sent to PoesiaMasini Newsletter from site birth up to today is available.

To browse it, you just need to click here: http://www.poesiamasini.it/forum/mailinglist.asp?function=archive.

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