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Here, another life here, not to die here and not to wake up myself in these salt tears that you don't understand


PoesiaMasini doesn't offer an own chat, but lets you quickly access Marco Masini official one (*).

To enter chat, choose a nick, type your password (if necessary) and then click on "Enter chat!" button:

Nickname: (required)  
Password: (optional - see note)


  1. choose any nickname (alias) and type it in the appropriate field
  2. should your nick be registered, type your password in the appropriate field; if your nick is not registered or you don't know what this means, leave "password" field blank
  3. click on "Enter chat!": a new window will open
  4. wait for page loading
  5. if any protection or security warning is shown, answer in the affirmative, otherwise chat won't work (please note that there's no danger, this chat software is safe)
  6. should chat not load or work (i.e.: a window with an inactive grey rectangle stands in front of you), download and install Java support from here: http://java.com/it; then retry


The nickname and password used to enter chat are not related to those used in the forum. Moreover, it's not necessary any compulsory registration.

We suggest, however, to use the same nick (or a similar one) used in the forum, if possibile, so that other people can easily recognize you.


Entering this chat, you accept the official site chat rules without any restriction:
http://www.marcomasini.it/iscrizione/regolamento.asp (sorry, in Italian language only).

(*): authorization given by Larione 10 studio, Marco Masini official website maintainer.

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Access chat through an IRC client

For more expert users and for those who know IRC, it's possibile to connect to the official chat through any IRC software (like, for instance, ViRC, mIRC, etc.). Information you need is this:

Server: irc.ircitaly.net
Port: 6667
Channel: #marcomasini

For a list of IRCItaly available services:

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Masini Family chat

If you prefer a non-moderated chat dedicated to Marco, you may try that of website: to enter it, you need to connect to http://www.masinifamily.net/chat.htm.

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