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Because love cannot be made by oneself


In this section those who give most help to carry on the site are introduced. They directly work on some sections, make some translations, etc.. Their contribution has been extremely precious for the development of the site, so many thanks goes to them.

But let's leave them to introduce themselves: they're presented in alphabetical order.

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Current collaborators

Marina Faiella

Forum nickname: M.xxx
E-mail address: m.xxx@poesiamasini.cjb.net
What she does: forum moderation

Hello to all! :-D

My name is Marina and I am “Roman”...

I don't like very much to talk about myself, so I apologize if this will be a “low profile” :-P

I am fond of reading books of any kind... what I notice first in a book is its number of pages: if it exceeds 400, it's mine!! :-D Besides reading I love to go for long walks... cooking, listening to people, listening to music (especially the Italian one), browsing the web; thanks to the latter, I had the chance to know PoesiaMasini, back in 2000. Many of the Friendships I currently have are born and have grown also thanks to this site, for which I will never get tired of thanking “our” Mauro (note: Mauro, do not edit!!).

Trust me, I really don't know what to write about my character... I consider myself a sincere, “true” and faithful person.

I am a great dreamer (maybe too much). I think it's better not to mention my defects... I don't have enough time!! Marco has “always” been part of my life... his music gives me an emotion I cannot ever describe in words, it's something too much “intimate”... I'm sorry :-(

PoesiaMasini is a place I love a lot and it is very important for me...

Surely sometimes it seems that I am too rigorous in forum moderation, but I think that every message of ours is a “contribution” we give to Marco... so, let's think it over before posting!

Have a nice PoesiaMasini... read you on the forum! :-)

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Previous collaborators

Alfredo Guadagni

Nickname in the forum: edomaster
E-mail address: edomaster@poesiamasini.cjb.net
He deals with: forum moderation

My name is Alfredo (for my web-friends edomaster ;-)), I was born in 1976, I live in Campania.

My school certificate is a "Diploma di Ragioniere e Perito Commerciale" and, actually, I study political sience and I work in a sales office (... this last one makes me very busy and takes some time to my studies, letting me work very hard); I like a lot the english language (a "universal" language) and I have a good acquaintance of it; my favorite activities, which gratify me a lot in my spare time, are reading psycology reviews, going to the cinema and listening to some good music, above all Italian music (try to understand who's my favorite singer...? ;-)).

My favorite authors are: D. Cugia, W. Dyer and A. Dumas.

In 1997 I began my "first steps" with the Pc by using the "magic" 486 DX2, but my costant presence, contemporary with my great passion for Internet, started in 2001.

Once I tried to type the name "Marco Masini" in a web search engine, and among several sites, my mouse "suggested" me to click on "PoesiaMasini" and only in that moment I realized that it was a new web reality which couldn't be ignored: a very wide view on "Masini's world" and attended by very special persons.

Then the desire to cooperate actively became stronger and stronger so, thanks to Mauro, I had the possibility to take care personally of Jack Folla section. Subsequently, Mauro gave me some more trust, letting me manage with the co-moderation of some forums... and then... here I am!

Greetings to everybody.


Doriana Sammali

Forum nickname: Dory
E-mail address: dorianasammali@libero.it
What she does: she translates the site in English

My name is Doriana Sammali and I'm 17 years old. I live in Lecce, in the south of Italy and I attend the Liceo delle Scienze Sociali (Social Sciences Lycée). In the future, I'd like to study Medicine and to become an expert of surgery. I hope I will be able to do it!

I don't like the computer very much... As I'm not very patient, so it's spontaneous for me, when I make a mess, to turn all upside down (obviously I don't do that with the PC!). In my freetime I usually go out with my friends; I like reading, even if it happens rarely; listening to music is my favourite pastime. I like different kinds of music: Irish music (The Corrs), Epic Metal (Blind Guardian and Rhapsody), rock (Aerosmith, Dream Theatre and Skunk Anansie), country rock (Bob Dylan and Neil Young; I have discovered them two years ago in Brescia, they were in concert). I don't like Italian and foreign Pop music very much, because I think that some songs are really demential! So, the only Italian singer I like is Franco Battiato and then... I'm completely crazy about Marco Masini. I remember that already when I went to primary school, even if I thought he used bad language, I listened to the tapes of my mother where there were the classic Bella stronza, Frankenstein, Il cielo della Vergine, T'innamorerai, Cuccioli, Principessa and others. When Marco participated in Sanremo I have continued to listen to and to love him more and more until those songs have started to represent something important for me. I can say that I have been loving him so much for the last two years. Before, instead, I listened to his music and loved him, yes, but now it is different. Even if I say to listen to various singers, in reality it isn't so because everyday I put one oh his CD or tape in the stereo, forgetting the others.

Many times happens that he moves me so much that I cry... But in front of masterpieces like Principessa or Figlio della polvere you can't stay unmoved. I love all the creations of Marco; each of them has got a deep meaning, a message of love or life to transmit… They all reflect perfectly the sensitivity and the depth of heart of the person who created them.

I love Marco because he is different from the others, because he doesn't tell lies, because he sings what it happens everyday, he talks about the reality, also the most hidden and painful, he isn't certainly superficial like almost all the others... Today songs are exactly the same, always the usual rigmarole of the lover who has been left and who regrets the old times...

The live concerts of Marco I have attended (25/07/2002 in Gallipoli and 19/09/2002 in Copertino) gave me the possibility to love him even more because everything was magic.

I think it is enough, so I end saying that I'm happy, in my own small way, to do something for you and for Marco.


Jérémy Caire

Forum nickname: Jeremy.83
E-mail address: jeremycaire83@yahoo.it
What he does: moderazione del forum


My name is Jérémy Caire, I was born in 1983 and I am French, but I have been living in Italy (in a charming town in Brianza) for many years already. My sign of the Zodiac is Taurus (ascendant... Taurus).

What do I do in my life? Many things, but I will tell you just the main ones. I work for a translation agency as a Project Manager. That is, I take care of the translation projects that we are given, trying to manage them as well as I can.

During my spare time, I like going to the cinema. I am a great enthusiast of what is defined as the “seven art”. I watch movies of any kind, starting from the most difficult ones down to the easy ones, from comedies to thrillers... therefore a wide repertoire.

I like reading and traveling. I think there's nothing better than going to some place and visiting other cultures and countries.

I follow politics (I won't tell you which ambit) although I don't devote myself too much to them.

And then the reason for which I am on this site: music. I love music. It soothes me, it makes me feel good and I particularly follow Italian music with care: Baglioni, Cocciante, Ruggeri, Mango, Tozzi, just to mention some artists. Last, but not least, there's Marco Masini: an artist, a poet; a singer that is able to express people thoughts greatly, so mine too.

I “knew” Masini back in 1993, then the single Perché lo fai had been released in France. By that time, I neither talked nor understood anything in Italian, but that voice conveied incredible feelings to me.

Years went by, while I kept on following him silently until I decided to browse the Internet. I found his official site and I started to chat on the forum until I found PoesiaMasini: a complete site, with detailed information, a forum always active and frequented by amazing people. I immediately was on the same wavelength as them.

After some time I asked to Mauro to become part of the moderators staff. He trusted me and gave me this opportunity.

Then, leaving the past behind, today I take care of the Marco Masini Official Fan Club as its President and the dream I had when I was a child came true.

I won't dwell too much, otherwise this presentation will become annoying, so I wish you all to have a nice stay on this site.

All my love.

Ileana Massimino

Forum nickname: daila22
E-mail address: ileana@poesiamasini.cjb.net
What she does: she translates the site in English, she translates Spanish adaptations in Italian, she moderates the forum

I think it's very difficult to talk about ourselves, and for this reason it will be very hard to present myself, particularly to people who don't know anything about you, who don't have the possibility to stay everyday, or even sporadically, with you. In reality, you can understand how a person is only when she/he is in front of you, when you can look into her/his eyes and you can know and judge who stays near you. Anyway I'll try, but I hope that this won't be considered as an act of presumption, granted that it has been a personal request of Mauro! So if you are thinking : "Who's this person?" And moreover "I don't give a damn about what she does in her life!", don't get angry with me! :-)

I'm Ileana Massimino, I was born in Catania on the 16th of May 1982, but I've always lived in Acireale (15 km far from CT), and I attend the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures.
The thing that I mostly hate is to stay at home, so I try to stay out as long as I can, not because I don't like staying with my family, but just because closed places make me nervous! I prefer to go around, especially with my friend and my boyfriend (we have been staying together for 4 years), without making exalting or out of normality things: I can stay with them even sitting down in a bar having a coffee, or I'm satisfied even going around by car (never by mine, because, unfortunately, I don't have a car yet!).

In addition I like reading (in reality I've been forced to like it because of my studies!), the Internet, playing the piano, and, even if I've stopped studying, piano remains one of my great passions, together with the music in all of its forms and genre. I live for music, I love it in all of its expressions, it accompanies every little moment of my life, I'm surrounded by radios in every room of my home (sometimes I turn them on contemporarily!)

Let's talk about something that I think will interest you more!

I heard for the first time Marco at Sanremo Festival in 1990, when he sang Disperato. My mother said: "This boy will go very far and will be very successful"... prophetic words!! At first I didn't care about him, maybe I was too young, but it's sure I was struck by him, considering the fact that it was the first time I heard his voice and I saw his face. Naturally I remember his participation also to Sanremo 1991, but Marco officially entered my life only with the album T'innamorerai. I remember that I heard it in a TV program with Pippo Baudo, where Marco was showing as a preview his new single Vaffanculo, which was considered very clamorous. Just that year, for Christmas, my parents bought me a new stereo, so I could buy the first CD of my life: T'innamorerai, as I said. An infinite love for him, for his voice, for his words, for anything of him was growing up! It's something that I've always found very difficult to express by words, and in this case I can also take the liberty of not dwelling on these things, because I realise that you, Marco's friends, feel exactly the same. I've always thought that who loves Marco has something more than the others, has a deeper soul, doesn't love superficiality, goes beyond appearances and moreover beyond the backbiters. I went on with my passion, never hiding it, never feeling ashamed because of it, even when his fame wasn't so good. Now I'm 20 and I love him as when I was 11. I know that the verb "love" could make you laugh. How can you love a person that you've never seen, met or known? I don't know it... but it's so... and I think and I hope that you'll understand me. I don't care about the astonished looks of whom that hears me using this term talking about Marco, of whom that hears me singing his songs, I consider who loves Marco a sort of elite, even if it's a term that many people don't like, but for me it's so!

Ok, I think I have to stop talking about Marco, I could write for hours, but I will spare you!!

I've always read the forums but I've never intervened directly! But one day an input arrived to make me participate actively! I read a request of help from Mauro, who was looking for people who wanted to construct the English version of the site…the hesitation lasted only few seconds, so I wrote an e-mail to the site giving my availability to help Mauro. Surely I would have never done it, if not for Marco! It could be useful to attract more people, so that Marco can be known, more and more easily, all over the world.

Moreover I've also translated the Spanish version of Marco's songs in Italian: this, naturally, thanks to Mauro's marvellous intuitions!

...ops maybe I've taken too much space! I hope that I haven't seemed too intrusive and I also hope to enter your family (ok... I'm Sicilian... but don't misunderstand me!!)! Kisses!


Nicholas Plavan

Forum nickname: Nicholas
E-mail address: nicholasp1@hotmail.com
What he does: he helps to transcript contents into HTML format


My name is Nicholas Pavan and I live in Verona. I was born in 1985, I have finished the High School and now I'll study computer science at the University of Verona.

I like to be in company, go out with my friends, but also relax alone with music... I prefer the Italian one: the Italian singers I prefer are Raf, Biagio Antonacci, Francesco Renga, Enrico Ruggeri, Paolo Vallesi and many others... (everybody naturally behind Marco Masini!)

My passion for Masini's songs was born a few years ago: an afternoon I was on the car with a friend who had in the car radio a tape where, between the various songs, there was also Marco's Vaffanculo... I listened to it several times, it impressed me immediately for the spontaneity and the depth of the lyrics, besides his voice that everyone knows... The same evening another friend of min made me listen to a disc where there were T'innamorerai, Principessa and Cenerentola innamorata. In this case I heard the sweet and poetic Marco, who makes you move with his daily life stories... His oldest songs made me remember also when I was young and my mother was listening to them, it made me remind many nice things... I liked them a lot, so that I went at home and I looked between my parents' cassettes for Maroc's ones and I found Marco Masini and Malinconoia. I listened to them a lot, they gave me strong emotions, energy, security and above all they made me think... At our times I believe that thinking is very important and few people do it... Since that moment on, I bought all his records, replaced the ruined tapes with CDs and I never stopped listening to him. I'm happy I have done that!

His songs that I prefer are many and it's difficult to mentioning just some of them, but overall I have to name Caro babbo, Ci vorrebbe il mare, Perché lo fai, Cantano i ragazzi, Frankenstein, L'amore sia con te and all the album Raccontami di te (Abbracciami and Se potessi rinascere particularly).

When he returned, on October the 7th, 2003, I was very happy, I bought the new record immediately and I decided to register on the official site. I had known about PoesiaMasini for long time already, but I was not registered, I was using it only to serach for material. A few months later I decided to register also here and subsequently I started to write in the forum. PoesiaMasini according to me is a reality very important for all the people who like Marco, it is full of material and it is held very well. So, when Mauro said that he was looking for collaborators, I immediatley answered "I would be honoured to help you!". The rest is history of today.


Paolo Tripodi

Nickname in the forum: nostromo2003
E-mail address : nostromo2003@poesiamasini.cjb.net
He deals with:forum moderation


My name is Paolo Tripodi, I was born in 1982 and my sign of the zodiac is acquarius (I don't know if somoene cares...), I live in a nice town, between Milano and Varese, named Legnano.

I attend the university and I'm registered to medicine faculty. My favorite soccer team is Inter (even if it would be better not to give such information during this last period...), I play football but I like every sort of sport (even if football is followed by cycling).

I love travelling above all by my own car (I like driving it)... I went to Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain, Egypt... but without any doubt I've fallen in love with the wonderful Paris. Naturally I like going out with friends, to the cinema, to the disco, reading and listening to music.

Concerning music I listen to every kind of music; I prefer above all Italian music (I like Raf, Venditti, 883, Giorgia...), I like also the international one, american Hip Hop and Rap (among all Puff Daddy)... but naturally my best singer is the man in the picture here next to me!

My passion for Masini was born one day in 1994 when my aunt gave me a cassette, side A album T'innamorerai, side B Minghi's songs... I assure you to have never heard side B!

At the beginning I was listening just to T'innamorerai and Vaffanculo (I liked the last one maybe for the trasgressive feeling that bad word was provocking); once I listened these 2 songs I rolled up the cassette and I started listening them again and again up to the tape broke up where the first 2 songs were recorded, then I decided to continue listening and just in this moment I learnt Cantano i ragazzi, Anna viviamo... naturally because of my 12/13 years old I couldn't understand all facetings and meanings of the several songs, but I went on listening to him... then once issued Il cielo della Vergine I asked my mother to buy me it (the first original tape in my whole life)... I also remember that I listened the radio only for L'amore sia con te... then Scimmie (I like a lot this album)... and Raccontami di te... In 2001 I went to Milan to see his concert (the first one in my life) and there I heard songs never heard before, like Malinconoia, Ci vorrebbe il mare, Dentro di te fuori dal mondo...) and so I realized it was the right moment to know what Masini sang at the beginnigs of 90's.

In the meantime while I was surfing in Internet without any particular target I found .. www.poesiamasini.it and, after a couple of months spent assisting to all discussions in the forum without taking part, I decided to start discussing... and then it's nowadays history... I become nostromo2003 (I don't even know why I choose this nick), after few months Mauro asked me to become moderator of the forum and naturally I accepted without any hesitation, now I'm here writing this introduction.

Marco Masini is the only artist, in any ambit (arts, music, cinema,show) able to transmit me some true emotions. If I listen to T'innamorerai right now,even if I have heard it a hundred of times, I have goose pimples... and I can not explain myself why... but, after reading several discussions in this site's forum, I realized that this is not just my "problem".

Marco Masini is one of the few singers who is loved or hated, no middle ways, naturally I love him. I love him because he has been able to tell through his songs the today reality and everyday events and problems everyone encounters in his own life (love, life, hope, hate, happyness...), using perfect synthesis and harmony, heavy and direct expressions, and words which sound as sentence of real and pure poetry.

In brief my favorite songs are, even if it's very difficult to cite just few of them: T'innamorerai, Cuccioli, La libertà, Raccontami di te, L'amore sia con te, A cosa pensi, Ali di cera...

Greetings to everybody...!

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