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I will sing from town to town, always seeking for your eyes, and I will smile at you. I will fly over this reality and we will never be old and I will never lose you

Upcoming dates

In this section you can find all the known dates when you can see Marco during the days to come. We also give information about meetings that take place among us, so if you want to see in the real life other friends that love Marco's music, you may decide to join one of these meetings.

Sorry:  Go to the Italian version of this section

I don't have time to keep updated even the English version of this section, so please refer to the Italian one. If anyone wants to help me to keep a separate English version of this section always up-to-date, please contact me.

I'm giving you some help to understand the (simple) language in which news are written:
concerto = concert
fonte = source of information
intervista = interview
ospite = guest
piazza = square (in a town)

The days of the week:
lunedì = Monday
martedì = Tuesday
mercoledì = Wednesday
giovedì = Thursday
venerdì = Friday
sabato = Saturday
domenica = Sunday


  • the dates not marked with "fonte: ufficiale" are not to be considered officially confirmed! You can reach Marco Masini's official website at http://www.marcomasini.it and that is the only trustable source of information for official declarations regarding his artistic activity
  • PoesiaMasini - Il Sito più Banale doesn't offer any warranty, either explicit or implicit, about truthfulness and accuracy of dates reported above; it is one's responsibilty to make sure that information is true even if marked with "fonte: ufficiale"
  • dates marked with "RADUNO" are not meetings with Marco, but rather with his fans: in fact, we periodically meet to stay together for a weekend or so, without having any computers in front of us; they are not official meetings, therefore Marco Masini is not present, particular cases excepted, at his complete discretion however. Further information for such kind of meetings are available at Masini Family website maintained by Manuel: .

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