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Grow up, but always keep on being a child a little and the world will be your toy

Gadgets and merchandising

In this section you will find all that has to do with Marco Masini's "universe" but which does not form part of his artistic productions. Normally, this type of material is referred to as "gadgets" or "merchandise", since it is usually commercialised.

The first subsection contains material which is promoted by this site. It deals with items which are not sold with profit making intentions, but merely, they are put on sale and rendered available to all the friends who visit the site. The price is kept at a minimum covering expenses incurred in the item's production and delivery. The aim is to enhance the atmoshpere of solidarity and for socialisation purposes, especially on such occasions as live meetings, concerts, etc..

The second subsection contains gadgets which form part of the official merchandise, some of which may still be found on sale. Others, now only form part of personal collections, and offer an alternate retrospective view of the artistic career of Marco Masini.

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PoesiaMasini gadgets

  • Distinctive shirt

    In the Summer of 2004, some friends of PoesiaMasini, namely Denis and Ivan, came up with the idea of creating a shirt for all the friends who meet on sites dedicated to Marco, offical ones and not. The idea was so that they may wear this at occasions such as concerts or meetings, thus enabling them to recognise each other. More details about this initiative may be found at Distinctive T-shirt section of Initiatives area.

    This shirt was not only an expression of solidarity amongst members of a specific site, but also, and more generally, for all the Masini Family, in its broadest sense. The shirt carried the following details, (at the front and back):

    • one's username/nickname used in one's preferred site
    • the said site's internet address (one can insert up to a maximum of three sites)
    • one's preferred citation which identifies the "spirit" of unity in our passion for Marco
    • the name "Masini Family"

    Following are a few examples of the format of the shirt (note: nuvolesudime is Denis's nick on PoesiaMasini, while mauromol is that of Mauro):

    Front detail
    Back detail

    The shirt was in the form of a T-shirt and was available in three colours: white, grey or black (the one depicted in the photo is grey). In the case of the white and grey coloured shirts, the picture was printed directly on to the shirt fabric. In the case of the black shirt, the picture was first printed on a special paper based surface which is in turn stuck on to the shirt, thus rendering it more delicate.

    Now the initiative has ended, but until July 2006 anyone could order this shirt, personalising it with one's nick and preferred site. The cost was only € 20,00, which were necessary for covering purchase, printing, packing and shipping expenses. It was created and promoted without any profit making aims.

    Special thanks go to Denis and Ivan, who are personally responsible for the creation and distribution of the shirt, and to Claudia, who helped to manage the exchange of information with the users.

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Official gadgets and merchandising

  • Postcards and official photographs

    Every year, as part of the offical merchandise, postcards (or photographs) are printed which are later autographed and distributed to fans who attend the concerts. In the past, some of these were reserved exclusively for registered members of the official fan clubs which existed in the past (there were two which were later both closed up). The following is a list of the Postcards which we managed to put together.

    Promotion 1990
    Promotion 1991
    First fan club (1993)
    Second fan club (1994)
    Scimmie Tour (1999)
    Raccontami di te Tour (2000)
    The first autograph by Marco for PoesiaMasini :-)
    Marco Masini Tour 2003
    Masini Tour 2004
    (Note: one can also find postcards of a similar type as these, without the logos of Radio and Video Italia - Solo Musica Italiana)

  • Flyers

    On some occasions and for some events, publicity flyers are printed (by the local authority, entertainment agencies, etc.), in order to promote the said event. Some of these are shown hereunder.

    Mini showcase/live with radio, TV and fans next to the Maison Paparazzi discotheque (Vicenza), 03/12/2003 Concert at Cittadella (PD), 26/06/2004

  • Other gadgets

    The following are other types of gadgets, which could not be included in the above listed categories.

    Folder in thin plasticized pasteboard of the first fan club (1993) Backstage pass for Masini Tour 2004

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