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Teel me about you, if you feel like speaking more: this evening some truth can't hurt me. Help me so at least not to forget what life is

PoesiaMasini Forum Center

If you wish to enter the forum of PoesiaMasini - Il Sito più Banale, just click on the following link:


An entire sub-forum is dedicated to international users who can read and write in English: you can get directly to it by clicking here.

(open the International subforum in a new window)

To post messages in this forum, it's necessary to sign up. Registration is free and the data that you insert is kept in a database owned by the webmaster: in any case, it won't be given to any third-party. The only data that you necessarily have to insert is a user name (nickname or alias), a password (by choice) and a valid e-mail address, without whom it's not possible to finish the registration process.

Click here to register

However, registration is not necessary for just reading.

You'll find further information inside the forum itself: consult the answers to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and the announcements which are periodically published.

What can be written in this forum? Well, you can write anything you want that is about Marco Masini and that does not infringe the rules, in particular comments of every kind on Marco's songs, on his artistic and promotional choices, on this site, on new dates, etc. are mostly appreciated. The forum is divided into categories and sub-forums to make browsing it easy and to keep discussions in order. Debates and exchanges of points of view are welcome. Flames and free provocations are unwelcome: I invite you to ignore layabouts, it's the better way to fight them. However, the forum is moderated and the messages that will be considered inadequate will be deleted.

Anyway, before using the forum, it's important that everyone reads and accepts its rules! In fact, order is necessary to let everybody find a comfortable, welcoming and efficient meeting point.

Click here to read forum rules

Eventually, to receive assistance if you are in difficulties, you can try to ask for help in the forum or or to write me an e-mail.

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Old forums

For the most affectionate visitors and for curious people, two old forums, that have been used during the first two years of life of this site, are still open for viewing. You can consult them, but new messages have to be published in the current forum only.

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Other forums

Here you are the links to other forums dedicated to Marco, those more active. For the forums that are not independent ones, I however vividly suggest you to access them through the site to which they belong.

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