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In this wonderful universe I search for the space I don't have

Marco on the Internet

In this section I collected some links that could be interesting to all Marco's fans.

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Other sites about Marco

Of course PoesiaMasini - Il Sito più Banale is not the only Internet site that talks about Marco Masini. A list of the sites I know follows. If you know other ones, I would be grateful to you if you could send me an e-mail at webmaster@poesiamasini.it.

  • Official Site

    This is Marco Masini's official site. It is mainly devoted to show the latest news and tour dates and to present the official fan club. There's also a small online shop.

  • Mamadue Records

    This is instead the site of the record company founded by Marco Masini and Marco Poggioni. It also contains information about the latest news regarding Marco and the other artists that signed a contract with the company (as of now, 2009, Povia and Gazebo, in the past Jessica Morlacchi too).

  • MBO Music

    MBO Music is the record company founded by Mario Ragni and Olly Ragni Coppeno that produced and promoted Marco's records from 2003 to 2006.

  • Universal Music Italia

    Universal Music, the current distributor of Marco's records in Italy, has a small space dedicated to him (search for “Marco Masini” among the artists).

  • Sounds Of Life Records

    Sounds Of Life Records is Domenico Albanese's record company that has been publishing and distributing Marco's records in Central Europe since 2004 (previously with the brand LM Live Music) to nowadays. On its site there's also a little space dedicated to Marco.

  • LM Live Music

    Domenico Albanese's LM Live Music is a promotion, management and publishing company that has been being reponsible for Marco's activity in Central Europe, since 2004 to nowadays. On its site there's also a little space dedicated to Marco.

  • Sony BMG Music Entertainment

    It's the record company born from the merging of Sony and BMG in Italy. The latter, with the brand BMG Ricordi, bought Dischi Ricordi in around 1995-1996, so that today (2009) Sony MBG is the owner of the whole Marco Masini catalog ranging from Marco Masini to Uscita di sicurezza. Its site does not have any information about him, apart from listing him among the artists. However, sometimes “new” compilations are still published.

  • Sony BMG Music Entertainment on-line catalog

    This sites contains the whole on-line catalog of the records published by Sony BMG. Thanks to this site it's possible to know which records of Marco's old catalog are still published in Italy and when new compilations (containing the old songs) are going to be printed.

  • MasiniFansite

    Unofficial site well maintained and updated, containing news, a biography, the discography, forums and links. It's maintained by Robert Terzaroli.

  • Marco Masini Internet Friends Website (Masini Friends)

    Historical unofficial site, the first real point of reference for Marco Masini Italian fans. Unfortunately, today it is seldom updated. It's maintained by Gaetano Di Giovanni.

  • Marco Masini España

    Reference site for Marco Masini Spanish and neo-Latin fans, initially maintained by Moisés Corral Arce, now by Jesús José Ruiz Llorente. It's well updated and rich in contents.

  • Masini Marco

    Another site dedicated to Marco, simple but quite complete. However, as of now (2009) it seems updated up to 2008. It's maintained by Piero Picca.

  • Marco Masini España masini2002

    Another Spanish site, maintained by Juan Antonio Jimenez, dedicated to Marco, demonstrating how much love the Spanish audience still feels for him. It's always updated.

  • Piccolo Chopin Unofficial Website

    Another simple but nice site dedicated to Marco, maintained by Susanna.

  • Marco Masini Central

    The first unofficial site ever created, visited mainly by foreign fans, demonstrating that Marco's music is appreciated not only in Italy. The site editing has stopped at Uscita di sicurezza, although there are useful information only up to L'amore sia con te.

    The site is maintained by Rosario Basile.

  • Marco Masini... the poet of love!

    A really nice blog entirely dedicated to Marco, however updated up to 2004. It's maintained by Saretta.

  • Marco Masini - Il protagonista (Marco Masini - The protagonist)

    A little tribute to Marco by Stefania. Well edited, although not updated anymore since 2000.

  • MG - Web

    This is a site maintained by Maurizio G. that collects many topics like TV series, cartoons, stories and, above all, Marco Masini. Nice words are said about him, brief but very effective thoughts. There's also the whole discography until 2005.

  • Lucebella

    Site dedicated to Marco inside Marcello Boschis's personal site, a great admirer of Marco's. You'll find stories and poems on experiences related to Marco.

  • Mailing list dedicated to Marco Masini on Yahoo! Groups

    These are two mailing lists dedicated to Marco on Yahoo! Groups, maintained respectively by Laura Pozza and Jérémy Caire. Every subscriber can freely write and receive the e-mails sent by the other members. Unfortunately, there is not much activity.

  • Voglio volare

    This is a nice site dedicated to Marco completely written in German. It contains a lot of stuff, particularly many translations in German of Marco's songs lyrics.

    The site is maintained by a guy whose nick is “falso”.

  • Marco Masini Greek Fan Club

    Marco has even a Greek Internet “fan club”! :-) Don't ask me information about it, however, because I can't understand Greek at all! :-(.

  • Marco Masini on Wikipedia

    There are information about Marco on the free open encyclopedia Wikipedia too. While the English version contains just Marco's biography (an old one taken from PoesiaMasini), the Italian version contains other interesting information.

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Sites about other artists related to Marco

On the net you can also find information regarding other artists that have helped in Marco's artistic growth or in the production of his discographic works. This is what I was able to find.

  • Alfredo Golino

    Very appreciated drummer that collaborated with Marco in the first '90s, it was also a founder member of the O.R.O.. He boasts collaborations also with, among the others, Mina, Eros Ramazzotti, Pino Daniele, Nek, Vasco Rossi, Raf, Renato Zero, Gianni Morandi, Laura Pausini, Andrea Bocelli, Adriano Celentano, Zucchero, Franco Battiato, Fiorella Mannoia, Riccardo Cocciante, Michele Zarrillo, Ornella Vanoni, Mango, Enrico Ruggeri, Pooh and many international artists.

  • Antonio Iammarino

    Antonio Iammarino played the keyboards and the piano in Marco's tours in 2006 and in 2008. He boasts collaborations also with, among the others, Anna Oxa, Patty Pravo, Silvia Salemi, Irene Fargo, Simone Patrizi.

  • Bruno Illiano

    He is one of the very first musicians that collaborated with Marco, as he accompanied him on the bass in his first tour, in 1991. Unfortunately, I don't have other information, because as of now (2009) the site is under construction.

  • Cesare Chiodo

    Bass player as a profession, Cesare Chiodo collaborated with Marco in the production of the albums Malinconoia, T'innamorerai , Il cielo della Vergine and L'Italia... e altre storie, he accompanied him in his tours in 1991 and 2008 and he was a founder member of the O.R.O.. He boasts countless collaborations also with, among the others: Michele Zarrillo, Paolo Meneguzzi, Adriano Celentano, Alessandro Canino, Alessandro Errico, Andrea Mingardi, Anna Oxa, Antonello Venditti, Fabio Concato, Fiorella Mannoia, Francesco Baccini, Gianluca Grignani, Gianni Bella, Gianni Morandi, Gigi D'Alessio, Gigi Finizio, Giorgia, Irene Grandi, Laura Pausini, Luca Carboni, Nek, Ornella Vanoni, Paolo Vallesi, Raf, Renato Zero, Spagna and Umberto Tozzi.

  • Danilo Amerio

    Singer, song writer and producer, Danilo Amerio collaborated with Marco in the production of his first four albums and L'amore sia con te, as a chorus singer. He boasts collaborations also with, among the others: Mia Martini, Umberto Tozzi, Paolo Vallesi, Aleandro Baldi, Raf, Jovanotti.

  • Fabrizio Palermo

    Singer and musician that can play many instruments, Fabrizio Palermo accompanied Marco on the keyboards and on the guitar in the Uscita di sicurezza tour in 2001, in the Il giardino delle api tour in 2005/2006, in the European unplugged tour in 2007/2008 and in the show Il brutto anatroccolo. He boasts collaborations also with, among the others, Enrico Ruggeri, Ligabue and Anna Oxa.

  • Filippo Martelli

    Filippo Martelli was in tour with Marco in 2000, 2002 and 2003, but he is also the conductor of the Oversea Orchestra (whose site link is cited above), which played in the albums Uscita di sicurezza, Masini, Il giardino delle api and L'Italia... e altre storie. Filippo also conducted the orchestra at the Sanremo Festival in 2005 and 2009 for Marco.

  • Francesco Corvino

    Francesco Corvino, a drummer, played in Marco's tour in the summer of 2008. He boasts collaborations also with, among the others, Francesco Baccini, Paolo Meneguzzi, Simone, Laura Bono.

  • Francesco Isola

    An as good as agreeable drummer, Francesco boasts respected collaborations also with, among the others: Massimo Ranieri, Massimo Di Cataldo, Stefano Zarfati, Luca Barbarossa, Scialpi and Marco Armani. He accompanied Marco in his tours in 2002, 2003 and 2004 and also played the drums in Benvenuta (album .. il mio cammino).

  • Francesco Palmieri

    Musician, author and composer. He wrote together with Marco and Bigazzi the songs Figlio della polvere and Trappole. He collaborated also with Renato Zero, Franco Battiato, Mario Ragni, Giancarlo Bigazzi, Aleandro Baldi, Federico Salvatore, Vince Tempera and Irene Fargo.

  • Giacomo Castellano

    Famous guitarist, he played with many well-known artists of Italian music, among which Paolo Vallesi, Irene Grandi, Raf, Gerardina Trovato, Gazosa, as well as Marco, for whom he played the guitars in L'ultima birra, of the album Uscita di sicurezza, and in some of the songs of .. il mio cammino.

  • Goffredo Orlandi

    Musician, composer and arranger, Goffredo Orlandi was something like Marco's “right-hand man” in the production of the songs written in the years 2004-2005, but also boasts collaborations with, among the others, Mia Martini, Laura Pausini, Aleandro Baldi, Francesca Alotta, Alessandro Canino, Dik Dik, I Camaleonti, Fausto Leali and Federico Salvatore. He collaborated with Marco in the production of the albums Raccontami di te, Masini and Il giardino delle api.

  • Laura Landi

    Laura Landi was a chorus singer for Marco and she collaborated in the production of the albums Marco Masini, Il cielo della Vergine, L'amore sia con te and .. il mio cammino.

  • Luca Nesti

    Luca Nesti is a singer and song writer that collaborated with Marco in writing the songs Lasciaminonmilasciare, Il bellissimo mestiere and Vivere liberamente. The last one has also been interpreted by himself and published in the album L'artigiano in 2002. On Luca's web site you can also download and listen to the whole album for free.

    Luca Nesti has been collaborating with Bigazzi (and so with Marco too) even before that Masini became famous.

  • Massimiliano Agati

    Massimiliano Agati collaborated with Marco, being responsible mainly for drums and programming (but not only), in the production of many records (from Scimmie on) and tours. He's a very good musician, who boasts collaborations also with the O.R.O., Aleandro Baldi, Anna Oxa, Pupo, Fiordaliso, Patty Pravo, Fabrizio Moro.

  • Massimo Selvi

    Massimo Selvi, a bassist, was in tour with Marco in 1998 and 1999. He boasts collaborations also with the O.R.O., Eros Ramazzotti, Elisa, Jovanotti, Mario Biondi.

  • Massimo Varini

    Massimo Varini, guitarist, composer, arranger and artistic producer, played the guitar in Il giardino delle api and L'Italia... e altre storie. Moreover, he boasts many other collaborations with, among the others: Biagio Antonacci, Nek, Alexia, Loredana Bertè, Laura Pausini, Andrea Bocelli, Adriano Celentano, Dolcenera, Riccardo Fogli, Ivano Fossati, Gianluca Grignani, Mina, Gianni Morandi, Fabrizio Moro, Paolo Meneguzzi, Eros Ramazzotti and Vasco Rossi.

  • Michela Resi

    Michela Resi was a chorus singer for Marco in 2000 and boasts many other collaborations with famous musicians and artists, also thanks to her closeness to Filippo Martelli's Oversea Orchestra.

  • Nicola Contini

    Bassist as a profession, Nicola Contini played with many important names of Italian music and particularly with Marco Masini, with whom he was in tour in 2001, 2002 and 2003. He also collaborated in the production of the album .. il mio cammino. He boasts collaborations also with, among the others: Gianni Morandi, Aleandro Baldi, Raf, Alessandro Canino, Federico Salvatore and Fiordaliso.

  • Nicola Costa

    Nicola Costa played with Marco in Il giardino delle api tour in 2005. He boasts collaborations also with, among the others, Vasco Rossi, Andrea Bocelli, Laura Pausini, Eros Ramazzotti, Riccardo Cocciante, Lucio Dalla, Loredana Bertè, Renato Zero, Luca Barbarossa, Ivana Spagna, Alexia and other international artists.

  • O.R.O. (Onde Radio Ovest)

    Some of the original members of the O.R.O. are musicians that played together with Marco in the past years. Mario Manzani himself was one of the founder memebers of the O.R.O.. Now in this band, a bit unlocky to be honest, remain Valerio Zelli and Mauro Mengali, with other musicians that usually change frequently. The first mentioned site is the official one; the second one, instead is an unofficial one made by Daniela "Simarik" and was born even before the official one, so it has the merit of having represented the first meeting point for people loving the O.R.O..

    The O.R.O. fans are often Marco Masini fans too, and viceversa, so I suggest to you all to give them a try.

    A curiosity: the original version of Andrea Bocelli's song Vivo per lei was written and sung by the O.R.O. themselves, with the title Vivo per....

  • Paolo Amulfi

    Paolo Amulfi took care of the guitars in Uscita di sicurezza (together with Franco Nardi and Massimiliano Agati) and in some of the songs of Masini (together with Riccardo Cherubini and Mario Manzani). He boasts collaborations also with, among the others: Aleandro Baldi, Gianni Morandi, Anna Oxa, Alessandro Canino, Dik Dik, I Camaleonti and Federico Salvatore.

  • Paolo Carta

    Paolo Carta, a guitarist, was in tour with Marco in 1998. He boasts collaborations also with, among the others, Laura Pausini, Adriano Celentano, Eros Ramazzotti, Alexia, Fabio Concato, Riccardo Cocciante, Max Pezzali and Gianni Morandi.

  • Paolo Vallesi

    Paolo Vallesi collaborated in the writing of the lyrics of Dentro di te fuori dal mondo, then becoming another great Italian music artist. His style is (or at least was) not so different from Marco's one, from a certain point of view, but on the other hand they have always been friends. The first link mentioned is the one of Paolo's official site; the second and the third ones are two links to the good unofficial site maintained by Gianluca Esposito.

  • Riccardo Cherubini

    Guitarist (but not only), as well as voice of the already broken up band of the Anima, Riccardo accompanied Marco in his tours in 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2008. He also collaborated in the production of the albums .. il mio cammino, Masini and L'Italia... e altre storie. He is a very good and pleasant guy.

  • Simone Papi

    Arranger, piano player, programmer but not only, Simone Papi collaborated with Marco in the production of the album L'Italia... e altre storie. He boasts collaborations also with, among the others: Raf, Laura Pausini, Edoardo Bennato, Umberto Tozzi, Mietta, Spagna, Fiordaliso, Mia Martini, Paolo Vallesi, Carmen Consoli, Max Gazzè, Renato Zero and Mina.

  • Stephen Head

    Stephen Head collaborated in the sound conceiving, optimization and programming of T'innamorerai, Scimmie and Raccontami di te.

  • Walter Savelli

    Walter Savelli was Claudio Baglioni's piano player. He now is a teacher and Marco Masini and Paolo Vallesi have been two of his students.

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Italian music on the Internet

Below, instead, you can find a list of sites dedicated to Italian music in general. I decided to put the link to just those sites that have (or had in the past) a link to PoesiaMasini - Il Sito più Banale. So I take the opportunity to thank the maintainers of these sites, which contribute to spread the word about PoesiaMasini on the Internet.

  • Canzoni.it

    Canzoni.it lets you easily find links to the sites of famous artists, songs lyrics, scores and chords, concert dates, audio and video files.

  • Carmelo Fruciano Home Page

    This is Carmelo's site, mainly dedicated to music. Many Italian and foreign artits have their dedicated space and, of course, among them there's Marco.

  • Hit Parade Italia

    Site maintained by volunteers containing countless data about albums and singles sales in the Italian market, from its birth to nowadays. A huge work that requires the help of everyone to be completed.

  • Italian Sinfonia

    Italian music from the foreigners point of view... or from that of the Italians that have emigrated abroad. It's very interesting to read how Italian music is received outside our country and this site represents, without doubt, a good point of reference in this sense. It's in English and is maintained by Vincent Manieri and Angelo Mazza.

  • It Pop Files

    This is another excellent database-site containing the discography of many Italian Pop music artists, from the '70s to nowadays. Of course, Marco can't miss and I was said that he is one of the webmaster himself (Mauro Sassi) preferred artists :-)

    There are also files and links. To be visited at least once.

  • MusicaItaliana.com

    News, reviews, interviews, visitors charts, links to the singer sites, a forum and more: if you love Italian music, this is an interesting site, for sure. It is maintained by the Rockol editorial staff.

  • Rockol

    Maybe the best Italian site entirely dedicated to Pop-Rock music, both Italian and international.

  • Net Music Italia

    A real Italian portal to music on the net. You'll find links to many sites that are about music (MP3s, artists sites, MIDIs, scores, etc.).

  • Sanremo Story

    Unofficial site dedicated to the Italian music Sanremo Festival, really well edited and complete. It contains the titles of the songs that have been presented at the festival from the '50s to nowadays, the names of the interpreters and of the authors, photos, news, MP3s. The site is maintained by Maria Luisa Farsora.

  • Radio and Video Italia - Solo Musica Italiana

    The site of the famous radio and TV broadcaster that is devoted to Italian music and that is received all over the world.

| Top | Other sites about Marco | Sites about other artists related to Marco | Italian music on the Internet | Sites dedicated to Marco not existing anymore |

Sites dedicated to Marco not existing anymore

As an archive, here are some sites dedicated to Marco that existed in the past.

  • Minisite dedicated to Marco Masini at Click2Music

    This was the space dedicated to Marco at Click2Music, site by BMG Ricordi, Marco's old record company.

  • Masini Family

    The first site, maintained by Manuel Surra (Pagiulino), was made as a reference point for the meetings periodically organized by the friends that attended the official site forum, as well as the PoesiaMasini Forum Center: Manuel's will was to involve as many people as possible to meet new friends, to pass pleasant days together and to contribute to Marco's memory.

    The other two, instead, were collecting photos and other stuff about Masini Family activity and were maintained respectively by Paolo Peverini (Kikko) and Claudio Secci (clasecc).

  • Il cielo di Masini (Masini's sky)

    This site, original in its contents and well edited, particularly in its design (it was completely made in Flash), contained itself much food for thought about Marco's music, as well as other interesting stuff like, for instance, a screensaver for Windows and two skins for Winamp, a must-have for whoever wants to be completely “masinian”! :-)

    The site was maintained by Juggler and Tigerwoods (Spacedreamers Studio).

  • Masini Generation

    Site dedicated to Marco Masini, interesting in design (although it had some technical issues), unfortunately working only with Internet Explorer. It contained some interesting original stuff (photos, drawings, graphical creations, etc.).

    It was maintained by the two brothers Mauro and Sandro.

  • Forza Masini (Go Masini)

    Site maintained by Daniele Letteriello (Naccariello). It contained Marco's biography, a part of his discography, a photo gallery and some specials on Sanremo Festival 2004 and 2005.

  • MagiaMasini (MasiniMagic)

    Site maintained by Antonio Prestieri. It contained the discography, some pictures, a forum, a chat and other information.

  • Marco Masini l'uomo volante (Marco Masini the flying man)

    Site dedicated to Marco and maintained by Alessandra B. It contained many sections of various type and a lot of stuff.

  • Marco Masini il poeta (Marco Masini the poet)

    Another site dedicated to Marco Masini, characterized by a good design and good contents. It contained also information about Marco's videos and on all of his Spanish records.

    The site was maintained by Salvatore Sammarco.

  • Figlio della polvere

    A little tribute to Marco, born as a gift for having composed the song Figlio della polvere. It was maintained by Mariella Contini.


    This little spaced, created by Carmen from Naples, was characterized by the fact that it could be browsed both with a computer and with a mobile phone with WAP support. It contained the biography, some photos, a chat, a message board.

    | Top | Other sites about Marco | Sites about other artists related to Marco | Italian music on the Internet | Sites dedicated to Marco not existing anymore |

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