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I want a life of beard and thought


This section wants to host reflections, cues and opinions of every kind about Marco Masini. The aim is to give space to written expressions of a certain weight, not in terms of length, but in terms of depth. I know that in this way it means little or nothing, but this is the concept that I would like to communicate: here you won't find ordinary comments like "I love Marco, because he is the best" or "If this is the situation is because I am right and the others don't understands anything" or similar things, unless they are accompanied by exhaustive and reasonable proves sustaining such a thesis.

So, if you think you have good ideas, thoughts born after a long reflection upon any topic which can concern with Marco, his songs, his artistic choices, etc., I'll be really happy if you decide to contact me.

The topics can be the most disparate and so I hope that you can feel, from what here published, neither the censor aspect, nor the little opening to any kind of writing (which can, in any case, find space in the forum), but rather the attempt to give value to those reflections that I find very deep and meaningful and that, otherwise, would risk to be lost, among the hundreds or thousands of messages of a traditional public forum.

These are the reflections published till now:

  • 05/09/2001: “Il silenzio è la voce del niente” ("silence is the nothing's voice"): open letter to Marco Masini
    (by Mauro Molinari)

    This is a letter published on PoesiaMasini in the months of September and October 2001, in which I directly and openly address to Marco, expressing my thought and that of people that love him, concerning his decision to abandon the carrier of singer and songwriter.

  • 25/11/2001: Words from the heart: letter to Marco Masini
    (by Umberto Venditti)

    In this second letter, Umberto expresses again the common feelings which ties ourselves a lot to Marco Masini and that can be summed up with just a sentence: don't leave us!

  • 09/01/2002: Jack Folla c' - Diario di un latitante episode of January, 9th 2002

    It's a really particular reflection: it comes from the frequencies of Radio2 and it's the transcription of a part of the episode of January, 9th 2002 of the famous radio programme of Diego Cugia, who talks through the character called Jack Folla. It's a bitter general reflection about the theme of bad luck and ignorance, which ends talking about two concrete cases: Mia Martini and Marco Masini. It's very interesting.

  • 19/05/2002: Music as an art that reflects itself in the personality of the artist
    (by Rosario Iezza)

    In this reflection Rosario expresses his point of view upon Marco's music as an art who manifests itself, even now, after the announce of his retirement, in whoever can understand it, independently from the judgement of critics and gurus.

  • 23/08/2002: The nonsense of ignorance
    (by Claudio Secci)

    In this reflection Claudio stresses the paradox which stays behind the absurdity of the proverbial misfortune that ignorance attributed to Masini, killing him apparently, making him even stronger in reality.

  • 04/02/2003: LeggendeMetropolitante.net: Marco Masini and the misfortune
    (di Mauro Molinari)

    This artiche-reflection, written for LeggendeMetropolitane.net website, (maintained by Alessandro Piccioni, that I thank very much), tries to analyse how the rumour of Masini's presumed misfortune was born, how it has been used, in reality, as a convenient weapon by whoever thought that he was a awkward singer and how it negatively influenced on his artistic carrier, leading him to decide to retire himself.

  • 19/02/2003: The consolation
    (by E. T. alias CapHarlock)

    This is a message posted in the forum of the official site by a boy whose nick is CapHarlock, in which, addressing to Marco, he discovers again his old but never assuaged passion, which flows into a strong feeling of gratitude.

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