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It's the melanchonoia that kills at this age, it's the heart that skins itself while searching for what it has got already

What is missing

In this section you'll find a list of stuff that is missing on this site: if you own something or you can make it (as is the case of songs chords transcription) and you want to contribute to PoesiaMasini development, please contact me at the e-mail address webmaster@poesiamasini.it. As usual, your name will be included in the site credits.

I decided to open this section to help people that would like to contribute to find out what is missing.

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By now the site lacks the chords of the following songs. If you own and you can transcribe them, or if you don't own but you can find them, please send them to me.

They can be transcribed in plain text (for instance using Windows Notepad), HTML or Word (up to 2002 version) format.

  • Bugie
  • Falso
  • Il fiore
  • Scimmie
  • Togliti la voglia
  • Trappole
  • Uomini

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Here is a list of albums, singles, videotapes, etc. of which covers are not available. If you own even just one of these, please contact me. If you have got a scanner, you can scan them yourself: covers should be scanned at 150 dpi resolution, saved in JPEG format (.jpg extension) and sent to me by e-mail.

    vinyl records
  • rare records that should exist, particularly before the official discography

    CD singles
  • Bella idiota
  • Princesa
  • T'innamorerai - Italian edition (does it exist?)
  • Vaffanculo - Spanish edition
  • other ones that should exist, even promotional ones

  • .. il mio cammino
  • Masini

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Miscellaneous information

Very little effort is often sufficient to help developing the site: do you own any album, single, videotape or other that is not mentioned in the site or that it is only partially? Have you got additional or more accurate information, curiosities about Marco's songs, records, books or other? Please contact me: covers often contain many useful information, that can help to make PoesiaMasini richer and more accurate. Particularly, information about album and single foreign editions is very precious.

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