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Before being me, I was the 9233th one. I had a house, the bills and a driving license. I had a body, but I wasn't inside



My name is Mauro Molinari, I live near Padua, where I was born on 16th September 1980. So on the opening of this site (April 2000) I was 19 and I attended university (computer science engineering) in Padua, I love personal computers, music and in particular the electronic one. In my spare time I stay with my friends (without whom I couldn't live) and others hobbies are (or have been) programming, tennis, writing and listening to music. If you are so crazy and you are curious to know more about this topic, I invite you to visit the site of what was my software-musical group at http://www.digitalthings.cjb.net, although I haven't updated it for a long time. I'm forced to use the past tense in part, because since 2005 my life has been changing radically: I graduated, I started to work (I now work for a software house in Padua, as a software designer and developer), I bought a house with my girlfriend, I went to live there and I married her (my girlfriend, not the house!). All these things contributed to dramatically reduce my spare time and this is also why site updates have been so few.

Anyway, let's go back to my profile.

The genre of music that I mostly prefer is, without any doubts, Techno music (please don't call it disco music, in the site above I talk clearly about this matter), in particular the Goa Trance (or Psychedelic Trance) and my favourite groups are, among the others, Astral Projection, Rexanthony, MFG, Infected Mushroom and Bypass Unit.

Except for Techno Music I don't love any other genre, in the sense that I like a lot of other music but not in toto. I like very much some pieces of Heavy Metal (in particular artists like Stratovarius, Helloween, Sonata Arctica and also some of the Iron Maiden's and of the latest Metallica), and in general, a lot of songs of various pop artists.

For what concerns Italian music, also in this case I don't have particular preferences, except for Marco Masini (oh, you'd never thought that!! :-). But I particularly like many songs by Paolo Vallesi, Michele Zarrillo and Francesco Renga, but also some by Laura Pausini, Aleandro Baldi and Nek.

I've been following Marco Masini since 1991: in fact, I started knowing him with Perché lo fai, at Sanremo festival of that year, where he was placed third. Listening to my schoolmates who often sang other songs of his album Malinconoia (in particular I remember Il niente and Cenerentola innamorata), I asked my mother to buy the tape for me, and from the moment I put it in the yellow recorder, 90% plastic, a present by Renault (!!!), my passion for his songs exploded, everyday more. I liked the music, I liked the words.

Punctually I didn't loose the tapes of T'innamorerai and Il cielo della Vergine, until, in 1994 the CD revolution arrived at my home... and two years later I could taste L'amore sia con te. I partially discovered Marco's first album (Marco Masini) with this collection and completely only in 1998 when I bought it together with Scimmie, an album that I liked all the same, but it made me regrets the almost totally disappeared Marco Masini that I had known for years. In 2000, after 10 years of the beginning of his carrier, Marco came back to make me dream as in the first years participating to Sanremo festival with Raccontami di te. I could also see his live concert, on April, the 6th here in Padua, during his tour: an unforgettable experience, a mix of music and very strong emotions, that I prefer to preserve inside myself, also because they are too difficult to be communicated.

I've been projecting a site of this kind since a long time and surely the album Raccontami di te gave me a great impulse together with the concert, but the idea was already in my head. The great enemy has always been time: because of school first, then university and work, friends, sports and other hobbies it's not easy to find the time to carry on also such a project. I hope to succeed!

Anyway, I would like to specify that I'm not an acquaintance of Marco's, I feel like I'm his friend because I've been following him for years and I've always received more than notes and sounds from his records and his voice.

I've not been recruited from him or from his record company, so I don't write here because someone pays me or for other reasons: it's a pure passion, and the time spent on this site is cut out between an engagement and the other.

I'm not a teacher, I don't think that I've sufficiently studied to have enough competences to give judgements on Marco's songs from a technical and artistic point of view: I simply hear my sensibility, my ear, my experiences, so remember these things when you visit this site.

But in particular I'm not Marco: this is one more reason to underline how my assertions are subjective and personal, and that you and Marco himself may not agree with me. But I love to compare and discuss my opinions.

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